Director of Audit

As the Director of Audit, Sarah Mosley understands that providing accurate documents to clients is vital to not only maintaining a solid client/vendor relationship, but also exceeding client expectation. She prides herself on her communication skills and timely response to corrections and clarification issues that exceed RUTH RUHL, P.C.’s clients’ expectations. She works hard to ensure that all documents and other materials are delivered error-free.

Sarah oversees RUTH RUHL, P.C.’s document input and audit teams, and is integrally involved with one-on-one training to guarantee understanding and quality performance. In addition, she ensures the loss mitigation input team and audit team are proactively trained on the numerous ever-changing federal requirements and local recording requirements.

Sarah graduated from Texas A&M University-Commerce with a Bachelor of Science in liberal studies. She’s been with RUTH RUHL, P.C. since 2008.